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Bobby is a seasoned freelance DP and Gaffer, working on both commercial and drama productions.


His journey began in Nottingham, where he honed his skills in the photographic industry, gaining extensive experience on large-scale projects.

As the digital video content revolution took hold, Bobby embarked on an exciting venture, establishing Pavilion Films, a thriving video production company. Over the course of nearly a decade, he worked alongside renowned global brands such as Lego, Levis, Uniqlo, and Rimmel. During this time, Bobby not only managed the company but also had the opportunity to direct and serve as DP on numerous projects.

Having successfully completed that chapter of his career, Bobby has embarked on a new path. He is now pursuing his passion as an independent DP, dedicated to becoming the best in his field. Drawing on his comprehensive understanding of the production process, he makes creative decisions that elevate the projects he works on. Furthermore, his background in directing enables him to foster strong connections with directors, supporting their vision and collaborating effectively to bring projects to life.

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