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The Reckoning - Teaser


As age and illness show signs of making their final, decisive move, Old Aleksander is left to contemplate days gone by with his favourite nephew, Toma, one last time. Flitting in and out of consciousness, Aleksander boasts of his triumphs initially, reinforcing the examples of strength, courage, honour and pride that he believes he has always lived by. 


He tells the story of how, at just 17, when his country was at the mercy of a tyrannical autocratic state, it was he who stirred up and led his peers to rebel with acts of valour and bravery, leading them into a revolution that would ultimately extinguish all of their lives… except his own. As the flashbacks play out, we see evidence, first hand, of the brutal impact of war on a generation of young men who were hopeful of change, but found the reality to be very different.

Aleksander’s recollections don’t end with the war. This time love proves to be the enemy; or rather overcoming the emotional turmoil that comes with love lost.


The Reckoning is Bobby's second Drama credit as a DP. The project was much larger in both it's scope and it's scale. The project is currently in post, and is due to be completed in late 2023. For more information please see Safe Hands Productions Instagram page HERE

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